Participants at Facebook's 'Meet up' in Nairobi

Social media giant Facebook has hosted a gathering of group leaders  from some of Kenya’s largest and most diverse Facebook Group communities. These groups focus on diverse human endeavours spanning cooking, parentage and media.

The aim of the engagement is to listen, learn and connect. The  community engagement forms part of Facebook’s ongoing drive to strengthen its ecosystem in Africa. The Social media platform also intends to help people share moments and insights that matter most to them.

“Facebook believes Group leaders play a vital role in this, with their passion and dedication in helping to foster, form and strengthen communities”, a statement said.

Facebook’s Vice President of Partnerships Ime Archibong said  more than 100 million of Facebook’s 1 billion users per month, belong to such communities.

“Our aim is to help more Kenyans find and join such meaningful communities”, he said

Groups have become an increasingly popular part within the Facebook universe over the past few years. They are a place for people to share moments and a place to connect about the things that they care about. They bring people together in personal, practical and powerful ways, creating new communities and strengthening existing ones.

Okaka Alfred, wbo leads Group Kenya said he started the group for Kenyans desirous of re-sharing their posts and interacting as a community.

“We have grown enormously over the years, with Groups helping to give a voice to ordinary Kenyans and sparking some great conversations. Groups mean that it isn’t just celebrities with massive followings who can be heard – it is everyone”, he said.

Alfred’s group is one of the largest Kenyan groups with 2.4 million members.


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